Who am I anymore?!

A lot has happened. A lot is going on. So what better way to procrastinate, let write about it!

We’re moving house, and soon! Do I want to sort through and pack all the things? No! But I have to.

This move is actually a good thing. It’s a massive upgrade for us. I’ll have an office space and won’t have to do my makeup or videos at the dining table anymore!

And I can start implementing all the things I learned at this years PIT Stop Marketing and Media Mavens, held in Melbourne 2 weeks ago.

Now, I can’t share what I learned but I can tell you it’s got the ball rolling for me to grow my business. I’m so lucky we get these trainings from corporate every quarter. They fill my cup and then some! I’m inspired to do all the things. Even get fit.

We made a video during the event for the #GitUpChallenge. I can’t say no to a challenge. I was in the front row dancing my heart out, as I do. On the playback, it opened my eyes. This sounds incredibly vain, but I did not like what I saw of myself. I finally saw myself from a different perspective. I’ll admit, it was hard to handle. Is that what I really look like? Not the person I portray in my selfies at all. I feel like a hypocrite.

Time to challenge myself to change my ways.


There was a makeup training day on Sunday just gone, led by a gorgeous gal I really admire. I was asked beforehand to get up and speak in front of 70 or so people, on a panel about doing the makeup artist certification, SeneBlends. In front of my peers and leaders. I couldn’t say no. I was quite flattered to be asked! Now, I’m terrible at public speaking, but I wasn’t nervous, I just got up there, answered a few questions and felt really good!


Who am I anymore?! I didn’t go completely blank and spoke confidently. Because I love what I do.


I have met so many incredible women along the way these past 21 months that have helped shape me into the person I am in this moment. I want to do the same for others.

Deconstruct to reconstruct

I’m recovering from a two day training session with SeneGence on social media and personal development and I am filled with ideas and information.


Rocking the SeneBlue cardigan I knit

Recovering? Yes, there is a lot of information I need to process, things to plan out and ideas to implement.

I’ll be sketching things out to work smarter and not harder, to make the best use of my time. Time I can spend with my family, time I can spend with my knitting, and time I can spend on myself. I cannot forget myself.


I’m a firm believer in personal development, to better oneself. And our VP of Personal Development was her vivacious self. I want to bottle just a minuscule amount her energy and keep it with me. She had us dancing, laughing and enthralled with every word she spoke.


Our international guest from the USA, a fellow SeneSister and Queen (yass, we have royal ranks), spoke to us from her soul. So much of what she spoke about resonated deep within me. Tears flowed. Hugs were priceless.

We had Crown Princesses train us with invaluable information about how they have successfully used social media to build their businesses and teams.

And then there was the social media guru who made my brain melt and reform with the knowledge of how to successfully build and grow my business online.


ALL the notes were written. Pages and pages of them.

I have much to write out, plan and work on. It’s so exciting going forward, to feel so passionate about what I am doing. I will stretch and grow beyond my comfort zone.

Never before have I been part of a company, a sisterhood, where there is so much love, a willingness to share information, to help one another grow and develop new skills and gain self confidence.

Ultimately, I want to lead. To successfully lead and empower a team of people passionate, driven, open minded and open hearted about life and the opportunity we have been given.

I see the crown on my head.