Deconstruct to reconstruct

I’m recovering from a two day training session with SeneGence on social media and personal development and I am filled with ideas and information.


Rocking the SeneBlue cardigan I knit

Recovering? Yes, there is a lot of information I need to process, things to plan out and ideas to implement.

I’ll be sketching things out to work smarter and not harder, to make the best use of my time. Time I can spend with my family, time I can spend with my knitting, and time I can spend on myself. I cannot forget myself.


I’m a firm believer in personal development, to better oneself. And our VP of Personal Development was her vivacious self. I want to bottle just a minuscule amount her energy and keep it with me. She had us dancing, laughing and enthralled with every word she spoke.


Our international guest from the USA, a fellow SeneSister and Queen (yass, we have royal ranks), spoke to us from her soul. So much of what she spoke about resonated deep within me. Tears flowed. Hugs were priceless.

We had Crown Princesses train us with invaluable information about how they have successfully used social media to build their businesses and teams.

And then there was the social media guru who made my brain melt and reform with the knowledge of how to successfully build and grow my business online.


ALL the notes were written. Pages and pages of them.

I have much to write out, plan and work on. It’s so exciting going forward, to feel so passionate about what I am doing. I will stretch and grow beyond my comfort zone.

Never before have I been part of a company, a sisterhood, where there is so much love, a willingness to share information, to help one another grow and develop new skills and gain self confidence.

Ultimately, I want to lead. To successfully lead and empower a team of people passionate, driven, open minded and open hearted about life and the opportunity we have been given.

I see the crown on my head.

Sunday Morning Musings

How good is coffee??!!

No, this isn’t a post about coffee haha!

It’s early on a Sunday morning and I’m hanging with my youngest kiddo, writing while she plays.

I’m tweaking my latest order, trying to decide what I want to add to my kit to get on your faces!

Multi-tasking and listening to one of my lovely local leaders tell her SeneStory and it’s absolutely inspiring. So many amazing stories I have heard in the short time I’ve been with SeneGence that have touched my soul. And stories of how SeneGence has empowered them.

I can attest to that as this company, this incredible group of women, have empowered me and made me a better person.

I’m putting myself out there not only for my business but as a friend, making new connections and empowering other women.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I have a couple of mental illnesses that are under control. In fact, my condition has improved because of my business and what I’m doing with it. My doctor is amazed.

I have reached out to other anxiety sufferers to let them know I’m here for them if they need to talk at anytime, I’m always listening. And I’m learning so much about myself and what I am capable of.

I want to empower my customers by giving them their best skin with our skincare and our makeup, putting their best face forward with confidence.

I want to empower my team by not only looking amazing but by creating their best life through SeneGence and their own business.

Aaaaaaah! I love my job!! Never in my life did I think I’d ever say that after corporate work for over 10 years.

I finally feel like I’m doing what I am meant to be doing, aside from being a mumma to my gorgeous girls.

When I get messages from my customers telling me how happy they are with their products and what it’s doing for them, it makes my spirit soar! I’m like, “yassssss girl!” SeneGratitude one might call it haha!

It starts with one customer, one recruit to empower them, to change their lives because this is life changing. This isn’t just make up and skin care. It’s about confidence. It’s about taking charge to change your life. Life is ever evolving, I believe in going with the flow but also trusting your gut and that’s how I got here. Does this resonate with any of you?

I hope that it does.

Time for more coffee 😉