To be sure

To be sure, to be sure! 🍀

Oh I had to! (Any absinthe drinkers out there? I’m thinking about green fairies not leprechauns! 😜)

There’s not a bit of Irish DNA in me (I’ve tested this, I’m 98% Greek 😆) but I love all things green! 💚

Truth be told I’m a bit excited about this collection because Mystic Moss ShadowSense is back for a limited time!

Also available is the limited edition Clover Gloss! How cool does it look?!!

And the always gorgeous Smoked Topaz ShadowSense good on all eyes (and in eyebrows! Yes! Eyebrows)

Available now as a collection or for individual purchase while stock lasts on the limited edition items.

So Much Pink!

I’m in love. Don’t tell my husband!

These colours are LIFE! I went live on my Facebook group page to get ready with a little assistance from my 4 year old haha #mumlife

I just can’t describe how pretty these colours are!!

I can see why Nude Pink LipSense sold out! it’s the perfect nude colour. Topped with Pink Sand Gloss it’s the perfect pair.

And on my eyes I used Candlelight, Pink Posey and topped it off with Shell Glitter to highlight. I have to order more She’ll Glitter since it’s limited edition! It is LIFE!!

If you’ve been hesitant to try ShadowSense, I implore you to try it! Easy to use, easy to blend, buildable colour, water resistant and does not budge once it’s set. And oh so versatile. I’ve lined my eyes with Onyx ShadowSense and used Garnet and Onyx mixed for my brows.

Today I also used the Colour Correcting Tinted Moisturizer over the Brightening Multi-Vitamin Treatment.

For my cheeks I used Chocolate Cherry BlushSense. For my lashes I used UnderSense with LashSense in black.

I’m so happy with how my skin is looking lately! It’s luminous!

You know what you have to do to get great skin 😉

The Importance of Being Glossy

When I sell any starter collection, you have to have a gloss. No ifs, buts or maybes. You need a gloss. It’s part of a lip system that works.


It seals your LipSense colour in, enhances the properties of LipSense and it increases the longevity of your LipSense colour. The glosses also help to keep the lips moist and plump throughout the day or night. It provides exceptional protection from the elements and helps repair dry, damaged, chapped and/or sensitive lips.

When buying LipSense for the first time, I highly recommend getting the Glossy Gloss first so your lips can benefit from the most moisturizing gloss and heal your lips.


Science! Shea butter, a natural ingredient is used as the key ingredient for the many textures of LipSense Glosses. The moisturizing properties are delivered to the delicate lip tissue while the synthetic beeswax seals the moisture in and helps to prevent moisture loss throughout the day.

Glossy lips

We have over 10 different glosses and limited editions available. Some that change the hue of your LipSense.

To use: Apply liberally over your dry 3 layers of LipSense to seal in the colour. Reapply when needed, especially before eating to protect your lips. Apply at night on bare lips to nourish and hydrate while you sleep, especially after using Lip Smooth Conditioning Polish.


Coastal Collection

It’s like waking up on Christmas morning!

New releases and price drops! Oh my gawd!!

Say hello to the limited edition Coastal Collection!

Coastal CollectionCoastal Collection3Costal Collection2

LipSense and Gloss and ShadowSense! Oh my!

Sheer LipSense colours , Summer Fun, Summer Love and Nude Pink are just so freaking pretty!

Pink Sand Gloss shimmers with a fine pink and silver glitter.


And I’m beside myself with excitement at the Shell Glitter with it’s pink, red and gold glitter and Seafoam ShadowSense shades. We’ve been asking for a green again and we’ve got it!

And the best news of the morning, I think, is the price drop to all ShadowSense colours!! From $40 down to $32!!! This is phenomenal!! So, if you’ve been thinking of getting started with ShadowSense, start your collection today!

ShadowSense price drop