Kicking It Old School

It works. It actually, really works.

Shea Butter Body Cream

What am I talking about? Using Shea Butter Body Cream to remove makeup. Yes. It’s an old school method but it works!

I mentioned it previously how Joni, our founder and CEO, uses this method to remove her makeup. I was a little skeptical at first, especially about removing our very waterproof mascara. Boy, was I wrong!

It removes EVERYTHING. This is now my go to method of removing makeup. I need to invest in more wash cloths for wiping the cream off my face haha.

So, not only am I cleansing my face, I’m moisturising it and massaging it, too.

I place a hot, damp wash cloth on my face for a few seconds and then wipe gently. Rinse and repeat until the Shea Butter Body Cream has been removed.

My current nighttime routine includes the Brightening Multi-Vitamin Treatment, followed by Nangai oil and then the evening moisturizer. And then hopefully at least 4 hours of sleep haha.

In other news, I’ve kicked off my SeneBlends, that’s the SeneGence makeup artistry certification. I need to practice 58 different techniques on 58 different faces. 5 down, 53 to go and I’m excited! I’m having a lot of fun helping women look good and feel great and learning at the same time. So, if you’re in Melbourne, I may call on you for your beautiful face! I’m getting better at apply eyeliner but it still needs some work. Same goes for mascara; OMG that’s so hard to do!

I’ve realised that I need a proper, portable makeup chair or else my back will get angry. Thankfully, I have a great osteopath to keep me tuned up hehe

On a personal note, I’ve been looking at getting into powerlifting! I’m not one for a conventional gym (thanks anxiety!). I am predisposed to osteoporosis and need to build up my bone density and of course, get my strength back. I was considering pilates for a while but I need to build up my muscles again and lose inches while I’m at it. Wish me luck it happens and I stick to it!

Makes Sense

The Original Foundation that is.

Hands down the best foundation I have ever used, and I have used a lot of different leading brands over my many years.

What makes this foundation stand out from the rest. It will not melt off your face in the heat when you sweat, it will not streak when you cry. It just stays put. I have personally tested both. It also comes in an airless pump bottle which means you get every last drop of the product. One pump is enough for full face coverage and if used every day, will last you up to 4 months. My winter shade is Tan, bless my Greek genes.

Suited to all skin types and provides a mechanical shield when applied after SeneDerm DayTime Moisturizer or over the Colour Correcting Tinted Moisturizer. Each shade can be used on a multitude of skin tones as it adapts to your skin pigmentation.

Not only all that, it also contains the SenePlex Complex in it, making it an anti-aging foundation! So your make up goes to work while you wear it!

MakeSense Foundation with SenePlex formulations is:

  • Non-smearing, long-lasting coverage.
  • Oil free– can be used on any skin type.
  • Non-comedogenic– does not clog pores.
  • Adapts to skin pigmentation– versatile in that one skin colour may be able to use a range of up to three different shades (or vice-versa for tanning) because of the way the colour pigments adapt to skin tones.
  • Helps to reduce moisture loss.
  • Provides another layer of SenePlex Complex.
  • Water-resistant.

The MakeSense Pearlizer, is a sheer MakeSense Foundation formula containing natural light reflecting minerals for a gorgeous luminescent glow that works on all skin tones.

It gives you the option of creating an even more amazing, soft focus luminescent finish to your look. Simply mix a drop of Pearlizer into your MakeSense Foundation or lightly brush onto the top of ShadowSense or BlushSense shades as a finishing touch. For another look, smooth this stunning pearlescent finish on top of your MakeSense Foundation for a soft focus luminescence. Light-reflecting pigments highlight your facial features, giving you a natural vibrancy. Ka-chow!

Both the MakeSense Foundation and Pearlizer also come in an Advanced Anti-Aging range.

foundationswatchescopy (1)

They are made for drier, and mature skin that need a hydration boost throughout the day on top of your DayTime Moisturizer. It is slightly lighter in terms of coverage but provides you with twice the SenePlex Complex. Also comes in a broader range of colours.

To help create a good feeling, Joni Rogers-Kante, Founder, CEO and Chairwoman of SeneGence has set up the charitable Make SenseFoundation. This foundation is a non- profit organization dedicated to helping women in crisis. A percentage of the proceeds from the sales of The Make Sense Foundation makeup will be donated to this needed charity. In this way, our Distributors, customers, and employees join together to make a difference in the lives of others. And that’s something to feel good about!


If you would like to learn more, get colour matched and have a play, please contact me!

Skin Types

I’ve already talked about the benefits of the SeneDerm Evening Moisturizer.

Now I want to talk about the type of evening moisturizers we have: Dry, Normal to Dry and Normal to Oily.

They all contain the highest concentration of the SenePlex Complex.

Dry: If you have dry skin, you know that your skin reacts most dramatically to the environment when exposed to heat, cold, wind and water. The unique blend of ingredients in the Dry formulation helps protect the skin from the elements around you while you sleep as well as free radicals and keeps your skin hydrated while you sleep.

Some key ingredients are:

  • AMINO ACIDS To build healthy skin
  • VITAMIN E Essential antioxidant for maintaining healthy skin
  • GINGER ROOT Skin protective

Science! The Dry formulation has a one of a kind self-regulating system to control the climate around the skin and establish a humidity level of 65-75%. *mic drop* Keeping skin’s humidity consistent at this level through out the night results in skin staying hydrated and free from symptoms such as rudiness, itching or flakiness. Including the rich ingredient, Moringa Oil, adds additional vitamins and radiance boosting fatty acids while you sleep.

Normal to Dry: If you have Normal to Dry skin, this formulation allows skin the opportunity to repair, re-moisturize, and rejuvenate itself while you sleep all the while protecting skin from the environment.

Some key ingredients are:

  • AVOCADO OIL Very rich moisturiser
  • VITAMIN E Essential antioxidant for maintaining healthy skin

Science! The Normal to Dry formulation is a rich concentration of precious oils, vitamins and botanicals that work while you sleep to re-moisturize, lubricate, regenerate, and helps in repairing cells that were damaged during the day from exposure to weather, dirt, sun, smog, smoke, and other conditions that harm the skin during daily life.

Normal to Oily: I you have Oily skin you need protection from the environment and free radicals throughout the night. Why not provide nourishment to the skin and at the same time help control oil production? That’s exactly what this moisturizer does.

Some key ingredients are:

  • BORAGO SEED OIL Helps even skin tone
  • VITAMIN E Essential antioxidant for maintaining healthy skin

Science! The Normal to Oily formulation contains precious oils to dilute the oils in the skin and discourage the sebaceous glands from producing unnecessary additional amounts of oil. The botanicals from Vanuatu and rich nutrients contained in this product create an environment for cellular regeneration essential for more youthful looking skin.

And I can verify as I use the Normal to Oily cream, it really does reduce the amount of oil on my skin. I don’t wake up with an oil slick on my face anymore…SeneBam! *mic drop*

Know your skin type? Awesome! Don’t know where you fall in the range? I can help you!

SeneDerm Evening Moisturizer

At night, be sure to use the SeneDerm Evening Moisturizer after cleansing and treating your skin. This goes for the men out there, too!

It has the highest concentration of our SenePlex Complex and goes to work on your skin for 14 hours!

At night while at rest, the skin is most susceptible to the penetration of nutrients and treatments. During sleep, movements of the muscles in the face are at a minimum allowing the skin to remain soft and absorbent to products on the face. The Evening Moisturizer aids cell production and skin regeneration.

evening moisturiser

What does this mean? Well, it takes about 28 days for a cell to be born and to make the journey from the bottom most layer of the skin to the top layer, the epidermis. By the time a cell reaches the skin’s surface, it has lost most of its water content and appears dry and thin. The “old” cells that reach the surface fall off by themselves or are sloughed off during the process of cleansing or exfoliation. This entire process slows down due to age, UV light exposure, sickness, improper nutrition (I’m guilty), medications, and so on.

Since using the Evening Moisturizer, my skin has changed. As I have acne prone skin and it’s oily, I use the Normal to Oily cream. It’s not as oily as it once was, it’s smoother, it’s plump and radiant. I’ve even got my mum on to it! And a little bit of product goes a long way. You only need an amount the size of a pea. Be sure to also moisturize your neck, using upward strokes.

SeneDerm Evening Moisturizer with SenePlex Complex for dry, normal to dry and normal to oily skins supports this most important cell regeneration process with its ingredients as you sleep.

I would highly recommend adding this rich, luxurious cream to your night time skin routine, no matter your age. If you need help choosing your skin type, I can help.

Demos! Demos! Demos!

Know people with faces that like make up and skin care?

Grab some wine or coffee, day or night, and let’s have some fun!

Try the products I have in my ever growing kit.

  • Learn about the products that interest you.
  • I’ll teach you how to apply LipSense, ShadowSense and more.
  • I will colour match you to a foundation or colour correcting tinted moisturiser.
  • Get pampered

And for the hostess be benefits are awesome!

Be rewarded with a 10% discount of your order based on demo sales, up to 30% off!

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