Gimme Some Skin

Hello, lovelies! I’ve been busy bee filming and editing videos on makeup looks, like a No Makeup Makeup look, which ties in nicely with the theme for the month.


August is skincare appreciation month here at Lip Mania with Christina.


I’ve touched on a few products before like the Evening Moisturizer, Brightening Multi-Vitamin Treatment and more.

Why the focus? Because we only have one skin and we need to look after it. Be it our face or our body, we need to love on it daily. And it’s the foundation for a flawless base for your makeup.

For me, personally, my skin has been transformed since using SeneGence.


You can see such a difference in the texture, tone, and luminosity.

It’s boosted my confidence, putting my best face forward. And I owe it all to the skincare and SenePlex Complex.

Yes, I still get the occasional breakout but it heals so much faster and without scarring.

I will come to you throughout the month highlighting my favourite products, my routine, testimonials and maybe even some videos.

I love the skin I’m in and I hope that you love yours too.

4 thoughts on “Gimme Some Skin

  1. Tegan says:

    Lovely blog! I stumbled upon it during my search for answers.

    In October I started using the Brightening Multivitamin with great outcomes and owner of a glowing face with the help of this and the rest of the sene products too.

    My query is when would you stop using it, and also dark under eye circle treatment?

    What happens when you get to a point of being happy with skin?

    Or keep going till can’t anymore?
    Would you reduce the daily frequency from say x1 or 2 daily duration to down to 1 or only so many applications weekly to maintain?
    Is there a stopping point for skin to become too bright? Does the product know how far to go per skin/person ?
    I fear going too overboard if use too long term. And I don’t always see my own facial changes, more recognized by others.

    Is it just trial and error?

    I can’t seek any info, videos or product info for durations of these skin treatments and what happens if/
    once skin hits best optimal levels?

    Any ideas or feedback on this query I would love.

    Kindly Tegan


    • Christina says:

      Hi Tegan! Thank you, I’m so happy you found me!

      I’m so glad to hear you’ve had great results with the Brightening Multivitamin Treatment! How good are all products, eh?!

      I would stop using it until you’ve reached the level you’re happy with. What were you treating with it?
      I was using it for acne scars and pigmentation from sun exposure.

      You can never have too luminous a skin 😉
      You can certainly reduce the frequency to once a day if you feel the need.
      I’m a fan of taking progress pics for my own reference to see the difference.

      Regarding the dark under eye treatment, I’d use it till I was happy with the results. How long have you been using it?

      There’s no hard and fast rule on how long to use a product as everyone’s skin responds differently.

      Let me know if you’re in Australia!

      Kind regards,



      • Tegan says:

        I’m in Bris-vegas!!

        I’ve been using Brightening multivitamin for redness and some spots started 2nd October 2018.

        I have been getting better at progressive selfies and semi good at regular routine. Face is much brighter and healthier looking. Less red and is plump and moisturised.

        I’ve never done very much for face or skin prior to this date minus some clearasil on rare blemishes, nutrimetics cleanser, night creams, aloe vera or Sukin brand body wash and face moisturiser.

        I’ve ditched all those now. I’m in 30s so thought do something for myself and signed up as a member in September’s free month.

        I’ve had some people notice glowing skin. Have to get used to my response now hahaha.

        Then started the under eye treatment and nangai oil just recently on 19 December 2018.
        I had it so thought why not try it. As I have terrible sleep habits as am huge night owl so that is not loved by skin or eyes. Progressive shots also taken.

        I’ll play about with frequency and usage. I have been super tight on amounts also so may take longer to work, but I’m seeing results within a week. Th products are great.

        My skin regime of a night is variance of brightening Multivitamin treatment, dark circle under eye treatment, anti wrinkle treatment, nangai oil, eye cream, evening moisturiser, seneserum c, climate control, collagen night pak, lip volumiser, balm or gloss, lash extend.

        Daytime love the nangai oil with daytime moisturiser, CCTM or Dewy, volume intense mascara, translucid powders, ShadowSense, LipSense.

        Trying to play about with blush and contour…beginner to all things skin and makeup.

        Kindly, Tegan

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      • Christina says:

        The compliments about your skin are the best, aren’t they?!

        Oh, awesome! You’re using ALL the things! Have fun with the blush and the contouring. A little bit goes a long way with our products 😉


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