Monday Musings

It’s like Christmas Eve!!

I have a massive delivery coming tomorrow morning and I am beside myself!!

I have customer orders and my own kit enhancement being delivered in time for my upcoming Glamour Clinic. Yes, kit enhancement is what I call it when I buy for myself! When I buy yarn, it’s a stash enhancement haha! Oooh! I should buy some yarn!

Included in my delivery will be the Coastal Collection, which is a must have!! Nude Pink has sold out in the USA but still available in Australia. I cannot wait to try all the colours!! Eeeeeeeeee!!

I’m also getting the Detoxifying and Moisturizing Mask, which is creamy and non-drying. I can’t wait to try that on and review for y’all.

detox moisture mask

The other big item is my SeneBlends Guide to start me on the path to getting my Makeup Artist Certification with SeneGence. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and now I have this incredible opportunity to actually do it. There will come a time, and soon, where I will put the call out for 58 faces to practice 58 different makeup techniques, in Melbourne. Wowzers!

I also have my professional ring light coming after a mishap with the delivery…it got sent to the wrong state! Thankfully, both post offices were able to get it sorted for me. Only a week late but better than never!!

ring light

I’ve also made an eBay purchase for some razors. That’s right, razors. I’m going to try shaving my face! I’ve been reading up on it, watching videos about how good it is for your skin and that your skin absorbs treatments and moisturizers better, so I thought why the hell not! My peach fuzz bothers me (come on, we all have it) and I’ve been assured it won’t grow back like a man’s beard!! So stay tuned for review there! Eeeeep!


Till next time!

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