SeneDerm Evening Moisturizer

At night, be sure to use the SeneDerm Evening Moisturizer after cleansing and treating your skin. This goes for the men out there, too!

It has the highest concentration of our SenePlex Complex and goes to work on your skin for 14 hours!

At night while at rest, the skin is most susceptible to the penetration of nutrients and treatments. During sleep, movements of the muscles in the face are at a minimum allowing the skin to remain soft and absorbent to products on the face. The Evening Moisturizer aids cell production and skin regeneration.

evening moisturiser

What does this mean? Well, it takes about 28 days for a cell to be born and to make the journey from the bottom most layer of the skin to the top layer, the epidermis. By the time a cell reaches the skin’s surface, it has lost most of its water content and appears dry and thin. The “old” cells that reach the surface fall off by themselves or are sloughed off during the process of cleansing or exfoliation. This entire process slows down due to age, UV light exposure, sickness, improper nutrition (I’m guilty), medications, and so on.

Since using the Evening Moisturizer, my skin has changed. As I have acne prone skin and it’s oily, I use the Normal to Oily cream. It’s not as oily as it once was, it’s smoother, it’s plump and radiant. I’ve even got my mum on to it! And a little bit of product goes a long way. You only need an amount the size of a pea. Be sure to also moisturize your neck, using upward strokes.

SeneDerm Evening Moisturizer with SenePlex Complex for dry, normal to dry and normal to oily skins supports this most important cell regeneration process with its ingredients as you sleep.

I would highly recommend adding this rich, luxurious cream to your night time skin routine, no matter your age. If you need help choosing your skin type, I can help.

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